Find new places to walk and new people to enjoy walking with.

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Anyone can create, post and lead a walk. Yes, this means you!

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Your walk can be anywhere and focus on anything.

Explore a park or trail. Check out that new ice cream shop down the street.

Visit a historical site or local event. Be creative!

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A few tips:

Plan a route and walk it yourself before the event.

That way you’ll know of any problems to avoid – or things you may want to point out. Some people have disabilities, so if your route includes stairs or unpaved paths, let people know. A starting point that’s accessible by public transit is excellent.

Departure time

A few people are likely to show up late, so wait 5 or 10 minutes before heading out.

Keep people informed and together — and have fun!

Before starting out, provide a simple overview of the route. Staying together is always best, so take breaks as needed so that people can catch up. Walks that end at a café or restaurant make it easy for people to have fun after the event.

Spread the word!

Once your walk is on the calendar, anyone in the community is welcome to join. Invite your friends and neighbors. Facebook, twitter, and e-newsletters are all great ways to promote a walk.

The calendar updates automatically. If you have questions, email

WALKtober is an initiative of PEDS