Volunteers make change happen!

Call for Volunteers!

Can you provide a hand with a special event? Or tackle a project in depth? Either way, we’d love your help.

Stand up, speak out, and make a difference

Volunteer writing on flip chart at public meeting

Government officials hear from leaders at PEDS often. They know we want safer sidewalks and street crossings.

They need to know that you – and everyone else you know – wants these as well.  And that you’ll hold them accountable for providing these. Are you available to participate in advisory committees? Speak up at public meetings? Call and e-mail elected officials?Volunteers check people in at event

If you answered yes to any of these, we’ll gladly provide training and connect you to opportunities.

Help promote and provide special eventsvolunteers setting up Pop-up Park

Forums, awards celebrations, “Pop-up” activities, and other special events are a great way you to meet fellow advocates, learn about safety issues, and share concerns about what’s important to you.

We’d love your help setting up events, checking people in, taking photos, and tweeting.

Helping with “Pop-up” events can be especially fun and impactful. Quick, low-cost changes, even as simple as using spray paint to create a temporary crosswalk, can be a great way to help people envision opportunities.

Help out at our office

We occasionally need help with mailings, data entry, and organizing. Lend us a hand, and you’ll also learn what goes on behind the scenes at PEDS.

Thanks so much for your help. Volunteers are the lifeblood of successful advocacy organizations.

Tell us a bit about yourself – and we’ll get back in touch with ways you can use your time and talents to make a difference.