Clear the Clutter- Get Scooters off the Sidewalks!

City of Atlanta’s Scooter Ordinance

In January, the City of Atlanta banned riding electric scooters on sidewalks and users from blocking sidewalks with parked scooters.

It also distributed excellent educational materials:

Despite that, most users continue to ride scooters on sidewalks and parked scooters continue to litter sidewalks with tripping hazards and pinch points.

The ordinance makes the Atlanta Police Department and the Department of Public Works responsible for enforcement. It did not, however, allocate resources that would enable them to dedicate time to do so. Nor did it set fines for violations.

Given that, it’s no surprise that police officers rarely, if ever, cite violators. Or that bad behavior continues.

City of Atlanta asks residents to report violations directly to the companies.

Company Contacts

CompanyWhat they look like

Phone Number Other ways to report
Bird Scooterblack and white

(866) or in-app

Jump Scooter orange and black

Jump Bike orange and black

Lime Scooter green, black & white

(888) or in-app
Lyft Scooterpink/purple stripes (877) 452-6699in-app

Source: City of Atlanta Shared Dockless Mobility Devices website

You can also report a service request to Atlanta 311.