Walk-by Visioning

Many agencies overlook the needs of people who walk to transit

Many people who use transit are unable to attend transportation planning meetings. Work schedules are often inflexible — and family responsibilities typically come first.  Few are “squeaky wheels” — so all too often planners overlook the need for sidewalks and safe crossings on transit routes.

People who walk to transit need and deserve a voice in transportation planning.

With your help, we’re making that happen

Rather than relying on people to travel to meetings, we bring meetings to people. We take pictures of areas that lack safe crossings – and edit them to show how things could look if safety improvements were installed.

The next steps are easy and bring big results. Pictures are worth a thousand words — so we create simple posters showing both images. With help from volunteers, we display these at rail stations, bus transfer centers and other locations.

People quickly learn that conditions don’t have to stay the way they are. They then use stickers to “vote with their feet.”

Outreach to transit users has had a big impact in Cobb County

In just 30 minutes, more than 50 people waiting at the Cumberland Bus Transfer Center signed post cards calling on Cobb County to install a safe crossing between the bus transfer center and Cumberland Mall. Soon thereafter, we delivered these to transportation professionals in charge of updating the county’s Comprehensive Transportation.

The completed plan includes a much-needed safety improvement at the bus transfer center. The plan also makes transit routes a priority for sidewalks and crossing improvements throughout the county.