Safe crossings

Make safe crossings a reality

No one should have to run to get across the street. But on Monroe Drive, a popular transit route adjacent to multi-family housing, grocery stores and Piedmont Park, many people have no other choice. On streets like this, safe crossings are vital.

Streets have many uses, only one of which is moving cars. Yet all too often in the Atlanta region, streets have been designed for people driving cars only.

Complete Streets

The City of Atlanta’s commitment to transforming Monroe Drive into a Complete Street creates terrific opportunities. Complete Streets are ones that serve all transportation modes, including people driving a car, using public transit, riding a bicycle or walking. They’re also streets that serve people of all ages and abilities. But much remains to be done – as many people have different perceptions of what a Complete Street is. In Atlanta and in cities throughout the United States, crosswalks have often been an afterthought.

Community vision and will

Monroe Drive stakeholders observe need for safe crossings

Public Works Program Manager Rodney Givens (right) joins stakeholders to consider the future of Monroe Drive.

Nearly two dozen people walked with us on Tuesday to share their thoughts about the future of Monroe Drive. Some live in condos just across the street from Kroger. Others live on nearby streets or further south on Monroe.

All want Monroe Drive to have safe crossings, median refuge islands, fewer travel lanes and other improvements that will make Monroe a great place to walk.

We’re grateful to Public Works Manager Rodney Givens and traffic engineer Kwesi Nantambu for walking with us. Both see a need for safety improvements and assured us they’ll do all they can to make Monroe Drive a street that works well for people on foot.

What’s next?

The City will hold planning meetings before beginning each of the 15 Complete Streets projects. Given that, no need yet for us to get into the details.

At this point, the big issue is project funding. Commitments are essential –- but having the money to implement changes is just as important. We’re working with elected officials and others to help ensure the City allocates enough money to pay for much-needed crosswalk treatments.

Your support makes advocacy happen. Persistence and partnerships are vital, so please stay involved. Your contribution to PEDS will sustain our efforts to make safe crossings on Complete Streets projects a reality.