Prohibit riding motorized scooters on sidewalks!

Woman riding motorized scooter in road

Photo credit: Kelly Jordan

Shareable motorized scooters have great potential, especially as a fun, convenient alternative to relying on cars to reach nearby destinations. PEDS welcomes this sort of future, but it’s essential that people ride scooters in the road, not on sidewalks.

Sidewalks must remain safe and welcoming for people on foot and using wheelchairs. Period.

During July, Sally Flocks, President & CEO of PEDS, spoke at City Council work sessions, exchanged e-mails with planners and elected officials, and recommended regulations that will protect people on foot. 

The State of California adopted excellent regulations – and we’d like local and state governments to adopt similar rules here. California sets 16 as the minimum age for riding motorized scooters. It also prohibits people from using motorized scooters from doing any of the following:

  • Riding upon a sidewalk
  • Riding with any passengers in addition to the operator
  • Parking a scooter on its side or on a sidewalk in any way that limits access for people who are walking

Please join us in asking Atlanta City Council members to put safety first.  Nothing should be allowed on sidewalks that exceeds the speed of joggers. Traveling 15 mph on sidewalks is unsafe for both pedestrians and people riding scooters.