New to Town: Patty explores by walking

At her day job, Patty Boston works as a Patti BProject Administrator for AECOM. On the weekends, she is one of the regulars on walks with her local 50+ Walks group in Norcross.

Patty has always been a walker. “My goal is to stay healthy and active. I’m one who wants to be healthy and walking definitely assists with those specific goals,” she says.

While the Norcross Downtown area has a lot of sidewalks, other parts of the town are not always so lucky. Patty says she “would like to see more sidewalks in various areas of the community, hopefully in the near future.”

What is the benefit of joining this walking group? 7 folks grass 10-15-16We asked. “I’m new to the Norcross area as of one year ago,” Patty said, “I’m in the process of exploring my community at this time prior to be getting involved.”

Of course, these walks don’t lead themselves. Norcross has a committed walk leader that makes it happen every week! “Our leader Jolyn is a great fit for the group, she has a friendly personality, she’s also very knowledgeable of all the routes,” Patty says. “She ensures the walks are enjoyable even when we want to give up and quit. LOL!”

When she talks about walking with her friendsnorcross 1-17 and neighbors, Patty really captures the heart of what 50+ Walks is all about: “What I especially like about our 50+ walking group is the positive environment we share whether in conversation or enjoying the journey of the walk and nice scenery. I must admit being new to the community, this group has definitely assisted me with the geographic area of my neighborhood which has truly been a GREAT asset to me and my family.”

So…is she here to stay?

“I’m definitely happy to be a part of the PEDS walking community!”

We are sure glad you are too Patty 🙂