Hey! We’re walkin’ here!

Create safe walkways in construction zones.

Construction is booming in Atlanta. Cranes dot the landscape. Increased density bodes well for urban areas,  where new office workers and residents increase vibrancy at street level.

But what about during construction? Most developments take more than a year to complete. This makes safe pedestrian access especially important.

Closed sidewalks block access to people with disabilities and increase danger for everyone on foot. They often violate city policy.

We don’t have to live with blocked sidewalks. In 1999, the Atlanta City Council passed an ordinance requiring Public Works to show maximum consideration to pedestrians when issuing permits to close sidewalks.

Many options exist, including;

  • Locating construction fences so that at least 4 feet of sidewalk width remains open for people on foot
  • Providing safe, well-lit, covered walkways
  • Closing a parking or travel lane and installing barriers that protect people from moving cars

Scaffolding and temporary walkways can even be beautiful and inviting.

Seattle does it right:

Covered walkway in Seattle

Atlanta sometimes does as well – but all too often, pedestrians here are an afterthought – even on Peachtree Street:

construction sites

Atlanta can do better! With your help, we can bring attention to the needs of people on foot in construction zones.

Get involved by joining our walk on March 23 in Midtown. The walk begins at the Fox Theater and ends near the Midtown MARTA station. Along the way, we’ll show good examples of construction sites that prioritize the safety of people walking, and those that don’t.

See you there!