Golden Shoe Awards 2014

Transforming the Region, Step by Step

At our 15th annual Golden Shoe Awards Celebration yesterday, we recognized terrific people, projects and places whose achievements this year help transform the Atlanta region into a great place to walk.

Pedestrian-friendly Access: MARTA, for the pedestrian bridge that provides access to the Buckhead MARTA Station to thousands of residents and commuters and is inspiring increased transit-oriented development.

Pedestrian-friendly Event: Chantelle Rytter, for creating the Atlanta Beltline Parade, a fun, community-building event that now attracts tens of thousands of marchers and observers.

Pedestrian-friendly Legislation: The City of Doraville, for adopting a Livable Community Form-based Code that will guide the transformation of the former GM site into a walkable mixed-use town center around the Doraville MARTA station.

Pedestrian-friendly Activism: Inman Park Neighborhood Association and City of Atlanta: for working together to develop the Krog-Lake-Elizabeth-North Highland Transportation Strategy, which helps ensure that future transportation projects serve the needs and values of the community.

Pedestrian-friendly Journalism: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, for in-depth coverage of pedestrian safety issues, including rising fatalities, inadequate data, and lack of safe crossings near the proposed Cobb County Braves stadium.

Pedestrian-friendly Suburban Retrofit: Cumberland Community Improvement District: for the Akers Mill Trail East, which connects the Bob Callan Trail to the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area and provides safe midblock crossings for residents and transit users.

Pedestrian-friendly Streetscapes: Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, for installing sidewalks, landscaped medians and crossings that increase pedestrian access and safety on Perimeter Summit Parkway, Lake Hearn Drive and Parkside Place.

Pedestrian-friendly Public Engagement: DeKalb County, for intense, multi-lingual outreach that engaged diverse communities throughout the county in developing a Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

From L-R:  Knox O'Callaghan, Ryland McCLendon, Caleb Racicot, Atlanta City Councilmember Kwanza Hall, Danny Feig-Sandoval, Malaika Rivers, Tom Sabulis, Tammy Thompson, Sally Flocks, Jennifer Harper, Sharon Shahan, Joe Henslee, Jim Durrett, Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman, Andrew Baker, Joe Cooley, Patrece Keeter, Sylvia Smith

Golden Shoe Awardees, from L-R: Knox O’Callaghan (MARTA), Ryland McCLendon (MARTA), Caleb Racicot (TSW), Atlanta City Councilmember Kwanza Hall, Danny Feig-Sandoval (Inman Park), Malaika Rivers (Cumberland CID), Tom Sabulis (Atlanta-Journal Constitution), Tammy Thompson (Perimeter CID), Sally Flocks (PEDS), Jennifer Harper (Perimeter CID), Sharon Shahan (BeltLine Lantern Parade), Joe Henslee (BeltLine Lantern Parade), Jim Durrett (Buckhead CID), Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman, Andrew Baker (DeKalb County), Joe Cooley (City of Doraville), Patrece Keeter (DeKalb County), Sylvia Smith (DeKalb County)

Place-based planning – where communities identify thier vision for the future and develop strategies and plans that enable them to achieve it – is a common theme among this year’s awardees.

Progress this year builds upon achievements the region has experienced since PEDS held its first annual Golden Shoe Awards Celebration. This year’s celebration provided a brief overview of the changes we’ve seen. These include:

• Media coverage that increased public awareness of issues important to pedestrians
• Safe Routes to School, which brought attention to the importance of walking to health
• In-street crosswalk signs, which have had dramatic improvements in driver behavior
• High visibility crosswalk law enforcement
• Median refuge islands, median islands and other tools that create safe crossings on multi-lane streets
• Livable Center Initiative, which inspired zoning and other changes essential to walkable communities
• Quality of Life and SPI Zoning, which made mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly development mandatory in some parts of Atlanta
• City of Decatur: Pedestrian-friendly Public Spaces
• Tech Square: Atlanta’s first Complete Street
• Glenwood Park: People-friendly Urban Infill
• Midtown: Destinations worth walking to
• Atlantic Station: Live, work, play and shop
• Woodstock: Reinventing a Historic Town Center
• Atlanta Beltline: Inspiring compact, mixed use development, connectivity and active living

We’re thrilled to have so many partners working with us to transform the region. Together, we inspire change.