Slow down!

Drive like your kids live here.

Take care. Students are back in school. More people are outside enjoying the nice weather. And days are getting shorter.

Impact of SpeedSpeed matters. If a pedestrian is hit at 20 mph, the risk of death is 5 percent. If hit at 30mph, the risk increases nine-fold, to 45 percent.

Police officers are stepping up speed enforcement in school zones, where flashing beacons remind drivers to watch for kids and alert drivers to reduced speed limits.

Three quick and easy things you can do to keep kids safe:

  • Wipe off 5. Drop 5 mph from the speed you normally drive. Drivers traveling 30 mph are noising and endanger pedestrians.
  • Share our speed infographic. Post it to facebook, twitter, or distribute it to your neighborhood listserve.
  • Request traffic calming from your public works department. Effective options include roundabouts, raised crosswalks, bike lanes, chicanes, and bulb-outs. Learn more at

slow down kids