Demand safe sidewalks and crossings on Monroe Drive

At the Renew Atlanta meeting last week, I was just one of many who was shocked and disappointed by the city’s latest recommendations for the Monroe Drive/Boulevard Complete Street project. “As a Monroe Drive resident with a new baby,” Kristie Clark told me, “I am positively gutted by the latest proposal.”

As currently designed, Monroe Drive is dangerous for all travel modes.

For people driving cars, weaving between lanes and car wrecks are common facts of life. Narrow sidewalks, speeding traffic, and unsafe crossings make Monroe a street where people who want to walk fear doing so.woman crossing Monroe Drive - less cropped

Renew Atlanta’s Monroe-Boulevard Concept-June 2018 for the section of Monroe Drive between 10th Street and Montgomery does little to change that.

At meetings in 2016 and 2017, residents made it clear that safety is their top priority. Renew Atlanta’s presentations created high expectations that a road diet would become a reality.

The current recommendations, however, favor minimizing delay to motorists over making Monroe Drive safe for all travel modes and for people of all ages and abilities.

These recommendations are not a done deal – and it’s not too late for you to participate. Please join PEDS in calling on Renew Atlanta to:
  • Redesign Monroe Drive between 10th Street and Yorkshire so it has one lane in each direction, a two-way center left turn lane, and wide sidewalks
  • Install mid-block crossings between Montgomery Ferry and Piedmont Avenue.  This section of Monroe has multi-family homes and commercial development on one side and Ansley Mall on the other. It’s also a popular transit route.
  • Install safe crossing treatments at the intersection of Monroe Drive with Elmwood Drive, Cresthill Avenue, Orme Circle, and Cooledge Avenue. The distance between Park Drive and 10th Street is over 1,400 feet. People have a right to cross roads safely, and transportation professionals have a responsibility to plan, design, and install safe crossings.

If Renew Atlanta fails to implement a road diet, build wide sidewalks, and install safe crossing treatments, it will be a brazen missed opportunity.

Please send comments to by August 10th.