Prohibit riding motorized scooters on sidewalks!

Shareable motorized scooters have great potential, especially as a fun, convenient alternative to relying on cars to reach nearby destinations. PEDS welcomes this sort of future, but it’s essential that people ride scooters in the road, not on sidewalks. Sidewalks must remain safe and welcoming for people on foot and using wheelchairs. Period. During July, Sally Flocks,

Demand safe sidewalks and crossings on Monroe Drive

At the Renew Atlanta meeting last week, I was just one of many who was shocked and disappointed by the city’s latest recommendations for the Monroe Drive/Boulevard Complete Street project. “As a Monroe Drive resident with a new baby,” Kristie Clark told me, “I am positively gutted by the latest proposal.” As currently designed, Monroe

Dangerous curbs challenge people with disabilities

Before you judge a man, the old saying goes, walk a mile in his shoes.  Yet before most people could possibly understand what James Curtis experiences on a daily basis, we’d have to roll a mile in his wheelchair. James, who is 46 and lives in Buckhead, relies on his wheelchair and MARTA to get

New to Town: Patty explores by walking

At her day job, Patty Boston works as a Project Administrator for AECOM. On the weekends, she is one of the regulars on walks with her local 50+ Walks group in Norcross. Patty has always been a walker. “My goal is to stay healthy and active. I’m one who wants to be healthy and walking

In memory of Susan Collins

Susan Collins was a long time supporter of PEDS. She died this year and to keep her memory and her passion for improving the walkability of our region for all alive, we wanted to share a little bit about Collins. We interviewed Collins back in 2015 to hear about her life without a car. She

50+ Walks Profile: David in Norcross

“My name is David, and I have worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency   in downtown Atlanta for the past 30 years.” David lives just outside Atlanta. “I moved to Norcross from Doraville, Georgia in 2013,” he says, “I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the Norcross community once I retire in the next

Citizen feedback: how to make Atlanta more accessible

Jamie Olson is a long time supporter of PEDS. He primarily gets around by using MARTA and walking. In Atlanta this is no simple task with broken sidewalks, missing sidewalks, and a driver culture that does not put pedestrian safety first. Add in the fact that Atlanta’s sidewalks rarely meet ADA guidelines and you have

Putting Practice to Pavement

In October, we hosted two training sessions in Georgia on sidewalk safety and infrastructure thanks to the Georgia Department of Transportation. Participants at the Macon and Gainesville trainings sat through the usual lectures and workshops but also had the opportunity to put practice to pavement.  Participants took turns navigating the local sidewalk terrain in wheelchairs

50+ Walks Profile: Nothing can stop Dorris

“My name is Dorris King and I live at City Lights in the Old Fourth Ward.” Dorris loves to walk and enjoys a variety of hobbies as well. “I do crafts and things of that sort. I haven’t gotten to the art of doing vases and jars yet, but I would like to.” Dorris explores

ATL sidewalk horrors

Happy Halloween from everyone at PEDS! This month we have been collecting your submissions for sidewalk horrors and here are some of the spookiest submissions! Be safe out there trick-or-treating! Corner of Marietta and Means. This curb ramp is at a college campus next to the gorgeous new PATH trail on Tech Parkway. There are