Pedestrian Safety Flyers

Use pedestrian safety flyers to spread the word

Please partner with us by spreading the word on crosswalk laws, safety beacons, and ways to get drivers to slow down.

Impact of SpeedDrivers:  Slow Down!

The problem isn’t that pedestrians are walking in the wrong places, but that our local streets function as speedways. This flyer explains the impact of speed using information on stopping distances and likelihood of death on impact at different speeds.


Red means stopPedestrian Hybrid Beacons

Hybrid Pedestrian Beacons (aka HAWKs) can be very effective, but also confusing to many drivers. This flyer explains how they work.




What Drivers Must Know about Pedestrians

Many drivers aren’t sure what to do when they encounter a pedestrian. This flyer clarifies drivers’ responsibilities.



Stop Neighborhood Speeding

Here are nine things that you can do to slow down drivers in your neighborhood. Learn more about neighborhood speeding.



It’s up to you! Feel free to print copies or post flyers on social media or neighborhood websites.