Making Georgia a great place to walk

Georgia Walks ⇒ Bigger footprint & impact

Beginning 25 years ago, PEDS has worked with local and regional governments, civic associations, advocates, and others to bring walk-friendly changes to the Atlanta region.

In 2016 we began partnering with the Georgia Department of Transportation to spread our impact statewide. Doing so has enabled us to achieve more than we ever imagined.

Georgia Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

Pedestrian fatalities and injuries are a serious and growing problem in Georgia. In 2020, 283 people lost their lives while walking here, the worst in Georgia history.

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GDOT is committed to reversing this trend and called on us to identify strategies and action steps that make this possible.

In April 2018, GDOT adopted the Georgia Pedestrian Safety Action Plan we helped develop in 2017-2018.

The plan promotes objective, data-driven decision making and increased investment in safety solutions. It also aligns safety funding with proven countermeasures and targets locations with high needs and opportunities for success.

And perhaps most important, the PSAP names responsible parties for implementing strategies and action items.

Safe Routes to Transit

The highest share of vehicle-pedestrian crashes in Georgia occurs on state-owned arterial roads in urbanized areas. High risk roads have a typical pattern: multi-lane roads with speed limits at 40 mph or higher and where crosswalks are few and far between.

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Serious or fatal crashes often occur along transit routes in areas where many households do not own cars. That’s why the Georgia Walks initiative makes bus stop audits a top priority.

People who use transit expect to cross the street where they get on or off the bus. This make it essential that all bus stops be located where people can cross the street safely or where a safe crossing can be created.

To date, we’ve audited bus stops on ten of the state’s most dangerous corridors and submitted detailed reports to GDOT.

The reports identify current conditions, including bus stops that are located where people can’t see what’s coming over the hill or around the corner. They also identify opportunities, recommend solutions, and call on GDOT and others to take action.

Georgia Walks Summits
Redesigning 2nd street huddles

The annual statewide summits we provided Virtually, in Norcross + Peachtree Corners, Macon, Augusta and Rome brought together hundreds of elected officials, transportation and public health professionals and local advocates.

Participants enjoyed inspiring keynote speakers, terrific workshops and presentations, and fun and informative walking tours and Pop-up events. Great opportunities for networking and learning from each other. Learn more here!

Moving from planning to implementation

Now the real work begins: Holding parties accountable for implementing  action steps and safety solutions. With your continued support, we’ll make sure that state agencies don’t allow the PSAP or the Bus Stop Audits to become documents that just sit on a shelf.