Big win: protected walkways in construction zones


During the past few years, we’ve engaged Public Works officials and others in walking tours and forums focused on safe pedestrian access in construction zones. We’ve also published e-newsletter articles and guest columns and sent numerous e-mails to government officials.

Plastic barriers convert a travel lane to a safe walkway on West Peachtree Street.

We’re proud to report that Public Works is now requiring developers to install scaffolding or protected walkways in more and more construction zones. Persistence pays off! 

As anyone who walks in Atlanta knows, new developments often take over a year to complete. Fortunately, the City Code limits sidewalk closure permits to 90 days, so renewal requests provide excellent opportunities to provide better access in existing construction zones.  

We recently asked William Johnson, the new Commissioner of Atlanta’s Department of Public Works, to approve renewal requests only if contractors install safety devices needed to ensure safe access for people who walk. In response, Commissioner Johnson asked members of the permits group to expand their efforts on this.  

You can count on us to remain vigilant and take action that makes this a reality.