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Put the brakes on neighborhood speeding

7 good ways to put the brakes on neighborhood speeding Much of the threat to pedestrians comes from speeding cars. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of ways to encourage drivers to slow down. Take action! Spread the word. Neighborhood websites, e-newsletters, Facebook Pages and twitter are all great ways to reach out. Use yard signs to Put the brakes on neighborhood speeding

Vision Zero

PEDS is working to help Atlanta become a Vision Zero City PEDS has worked over the last several months with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, AARP, the American Heart Association, as well as several Atlanta neighborhood associations and NPUs to help Atlanta become a Vision Zero City. Recently, the Atlanta City Council voted unanimously to adopt Vision Zero

Safe Speed Limits

ACTION ALERT: SPEAK UP FOR SAFE SPEED LIMITS IN CITY OF ATLANTA! Support a safe, healthy, and accessible Atlanta, where people can comfortably walk. Urge your elected officials to set a speed limit of 25 mph on all city streets! All too often in Atlanta, we hear on the local news that another pedestrian has been Safe Speed Limits

Make Monroe Drive a Complete Street

Designing streets for people As President of PEDS and as someone for whom walking is my primary transportation mode, I’m thrilled by the opportunities that Renew Atlanta has identified to transform our streets into great places to walk. If our streets are designed for cars and traffic, we get cars and traffic. If our streets Make Monroe Drive a Complete Street

50+ Walks

Walk More. Walk Together. Be Happy.   Why Walking? The simple act of walking is full of benefits. Walking is a low-intensity activity that almost everyone can do. Walking is fun. It provides opportunities for social interaction. It helps us relax or energize. Whether you walk around the block or around the world, walking is an 50+ Walks

Slow Down, Save Lives

Much of the risk to pedestrians come from speeding cars. If hit at 20 mph, the risk of death is 5%. If hit at 40 mph, the risk of death is 85%. For our new “Kill Speed/Save Lives” initiative, we’re partnering with Abbadabba’s, neighborhood organizations and police departments to encourage metro Atlanta drivers to slow Slow Down, Save Lives

Pedestrian Safety Flyers

Use pedestrian safety flyers to spread the word Please partner with us by spreading the word on crosswalk laws, safety beacons, and ways to get drivers to slow down. Drivers:  Slow Down! The problem isn’t that pedestrians are walking in the wrong places, but that our local streets function as speedways. This flyer explains the Pedestrian Safety Flyers

Speed Radar Signs

Radar speed signs prompt get drivers to slow down. They calm traffic — with none of the negatives associated with speed humps. The signs display vehicle speed as motorists approach them. On most, signs light up only when drivers exceed speed limits. The higher the travel speed, the faster the lights flash. The feedback makes Speed Radar Signs