50+ Walks Profile: Nothing can stop Dorris

Dorrisexploring“My name is Dorris King and I live at City Lights in the Old Fourth Ward.” Dorris loves to walk and enjoys a variety of hobbies as well. “I do crafts and things of that sort. I haven’t gotten to the art of doing vases and jars yet, but I would like to.”

Dorris explores the city on long walks, visiting downtown Atlanta, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, and the Beltline. If you ask, she has endless interesting stories about her life in the neighborhood over the years.

 “I like to walk because it is good for health reasons. It helped me in weight loss and to get a good amount of Vitamin C,” Dorris says, “Also it is good for immune system.”

She shares funny bits about famous people visiting the Old Fourth Ward over the years. She has met several of them…and she remembers fondly those who treated her and the neighborhood well. She knows a great deal about the history of the streets and the people who have lived here over the years. We love that she shares her wealth of knowledge with people on the walks. She seems to like it too.

“This group is friendly, we get along and chat. We like walking and talking,” Dorris says, “We talk about a little of everything, which is good.”

Nothing seems to stop Dorris’s enjoyment of walking. Although, she says, “Sidewalks need to be improved. They are broken or they are not there. That is my main issue.”