50+ Walks Profile: Deborah & the Dawdlers


What better way to break in the official spring season than a walk?

The Tucker 50+ Walking group did just that. Deborah, a dedicated volunteer, helps guide the group each week. She started ‘The Dawdlers’, as they are casually known, and they walk twice a week in different neighborhoods around Tucker. This week, they visited the Henderson Park Nature Trails.

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“I enjoy walking,” Deborah says. “It is the simplest form of exercise and it does not cost a penny to get out and walk at any time of the day or night. When I walk, I get to see and smell the flowers, trees, streams, and earth which I do not get to do when I am driving.”


“Several years ago when I was walking 3 times a week, I was even able to come off of my blood pressure medication. After a life changing event, I stopped walking, and had to go back on my medication. So I am hoping to be able to come off of my blood pressure medication this time along with adding the benefits of walking to my overall health.”


What does she like about the 50+ Walks group? “We realize the importance of walking for our health. Every one of us accepts one another for the ability that we are able to walk. Some people will walk faster, others will bring up the tail. Everyone waits at various points in the walk for everyone to catch up. No one gets left behind.”

What would Deborah improve for walkers in Tucker? “I live right here in Tucker off the Lawrenceville Highway. I want to see walkable sidewalks throughout downtown, along the main highways, and connecting throughout Tucker.”

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To learn more about the 50+ Walks in Tucker group, visit: https://www.facebook.com/50walks/