50+ Walks Profile: David in Norcross

“My name is David, and I have workedDavid McNeal for the US Environmental Protection Agency   in downtown Atlanta for the past 30 years.” David lives just outside Atlanta. “I moved to Norcross from Doraville, Georgia in 2013,” he says, “I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the Norcross community once I retire in the next year or two.”

David says he has been a walker for many years. “I enjoy doing it as a way to relax and stay active.”

Why does David enjoy 50+ Walks? “Among the many things that I like are the opportunity to meet new people, the structure of having a set time and place to meet for walks, and the chance to see parts of Norcross that I’d never been to before,” David says, “Also, having people to talk with makes the walks much more interesting than they would if I were [walking] on my own.”

Norcross has done many things right when it 8 folks residential sidewalk tree 11-11-16comes to creating a walkable city. What could make it even better? David says, “One thing that might be nice would be if there were a website with maps of suggested walking routes with different distances and intensity levels that people could download and follow if they want to try venturing out on their own.”

“If something like this could be developed, it might also be a good idea to include information about points of interest on each route to provide newcomers, and even longer term residents interesting facts about the city and its history.”

We think this is a great idea! We hope to see more great work like this in Norcross!


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