Policy Agenda - focus on safety, funding, access to transit, affordability, and education.

2021 is an election year, and PEDS is collaborating with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and other partners to recommend policy changes to City of Atlanta leaders and candidates that focuses on “creating a more equitable city through mobility”.

This policy agenda includes:


  • City, state, and region adopt ambitious Vision Zero plans that prioritize racial equity, focus on engineering instead of enforcement, and set ambitious timelines;
  • Decriminalize pedestrian behavior;
  • Expand 25 mph speed limit to 90% of Atlanta streets, lower speed limits on state routes, work w/ school communities on speed cameras
HH Safe streets picture


  • City sets aside 3.5% of the general budget fund (~$25M) for critical infrastructure needs, as required by city code;


Access to Transit & Affordability

  • MARTA improves service equitably by prioritizing projects and policies that benefit those who rely on transit today;
  • City prioritizes Equitable Transit-Oriented Development in its Comprehensive Development Plan



  • Atlanta Public Schools requires travel plans specific to each school with the goal of increasing families' use of sustainable transportation.
  • Atlanta Public Schools adds sustainable transportation education to its curriculum for all students.


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