50+ Walks Profile: Weekend walks in Norcross

Weekend walks are relaxing and exploratory!

jolyn2Jolyn leads two 50+ Walks group in Norcross on the weekend. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, she meets a large group at the park and gives a walking tour around the historic Norcross neighborhoods. Besides being a self employed software trainer, Jolyn helps her community by serving on the city’s Sustainable Norcross board. “In that role,” she says, “I am attempting to get the city of Norcross walk and bike friendly certified.”



“I have traveled the world for my job and most often find myself in a city where walking is the normal mode of transit,” Jolyn says. “I have purposely relocated from the suburbs of Atlanta to an urban historic suburb where I live <1 mile from downtown. Driving just does not feel right to commute that short distance, walking or riding my bike is preferred. Plus – I’ve been walking for 53.5 years and think it’s a great way to see what’s around me.


“There is nothing cooler than having a new walker join us and state: ‘I never knew that was there’. It happens to me jolynall the time regardless of how many times I’ve walked past the same tree, house, yard, church, park, or whatever.”


What needs to improve for walkers in Norcross? “First and foremost, the speed limit in town should be reduced.”Currently, in most areas, it’s 30, other 25. Still too fast.