Walktober 2017

Find new places to walk and new people to enjoy walking with.

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A few tips:

Departure time

A few people are likely to show up late, so wait 5 or 10 minutes before heading out.

Keep people informed and together — and have fun!

Before starting out, provide a simple overview of the route. Staying together is always best, so take breaks as needed so that people can catch up. Walks that end at a café or restaurant make it easy for people to have fun after the event.

Anyone can create, post and lead a walk.

Yes, this means you!

Your walk can be about anything.

Plan a route, map it – and walk it yourself before the event.

That way you’ll know of any problems to avoid – or things you may want to point out. Some people have disabilities, so if your route includes stairs or unpaved paths, let people know. A starting point that’s accessible by public transit is excellent.

Add your walk to the calendar!

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The calendar updates automatically. If you have questions, email WALKtober@peds.org

Once your walk is on the calendar, anyone in the community is welcome to join. No need for concern about competition. In a region our size, having more than one walk on the same day is never a problem.

Spread the word!

After adding your event to the calendar, invite your friends and neighbors. Facebook, twitter, and e-newsletters are all great ways to promote a walk.

                  2 - Copy        IMG_8013       Group walk in Old Fourth Ward


WALKtober is an initiative of PEDS


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