Unblock the Walk: A Forum on Taking Back Our Sidewalks

Knowledge is power. Join us to learn about national guidelines for curb ramps, road work signs and access in construction zones.

Following a brief presentation by PEDS president & CEO Sally Flocks, we’ll have a lively panel discussion on how you can help take back our sidewalks.

Panelists include Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza, Georgia Tech graduate students Jack Cebe and Alice Grossman, long-time PEDS member Jamie Olson and  Jay Tribby, Chief of Staff for City Council member Kwanza Hall.

Unblock the Walk: A Forum on Taking Back Our Sidewalks
Thursday, April 14
999 Peachtree St. 5th Floor

Provide safe access in construction zones

The Atlanta Code calls on Public Works to issue permits that allow people to close sidewalks only as a last resort. Yet all too often, it allows developers to close sidewalks completely, simply because a sidewalk exists on the other side of the street.

Where sidewalks are closed, many people cross midblock or walk in the street. Public Works should operate our streets for the way people really behave, not the way they wish we would.

Learn more about national requirements, Atlanta realities and how you can help take back our sidewalks.

Locate roads signs in the street, not on sidewalks.

Road work signs that block sidewalks or put people at risk of whacking their heads are common in Atlanta.Such signs violate federal transportation guidelines and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Learn more about national requirements and how to take action to unblock the walk.

On resurfacing projects, curb ramps can’t wait.

The Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program is enabling the city to resurface numerous streets in AtlantaBad ramp on Monroe Drive

We’re thrilled that Faye Dimassimo, the General Manager of the Renew Atlanta program, responded quickly to our concerns about lack of well-designed curb ramps on many of these streets.

Her discussions with project managers and field engineers should ensure that curb ramps are installed or repaired prior to or at the same time as all resurfacing projects.

We can’t do this alone. Here’s how you can help.

Speak up on April 14: Unblock the Walk: A forum on taking back our sidewalks