Report broken sidewalks

Tired of tripping on broken sidewalks?

Report them. Your eyes, ears and voice make a difference. No one knows a street as well as people who walk on it. That’s especially true for broken sidewalks, walk signals that don’t work and other problems.

Eliminating hazards facing people who walk starts with you. Local governments rely on residents to report broken sidewalks, missing water meter covers and other problems. If you know of broken sidewalks or other hazards, please use the form below to report them. Be sure to describe the problem and identify its location.

Fields marked with an * are required.

To report hazards to the City of Atlanta, please use

To report hazards to other jurisdictions, please contact your local Department of Public Works.

What type of hazard is it?*

Where is the hazard located?

If no street address is available, name the nearest intersections. Include NE, NW, SW, or SE, if available. Landmarks are also helpful.

Provide contact information, so inspectors can reach you if they have questions.

PEDS, an advocacy organization dedicated to making metro Atlanta a great place to walk, will receive a copy of this report.