Street resurfacing: Cut curbs, not corners

cropped - Resurfaced 17th Street east of Peachtree St - no curb rampIn July, the City of Atlanta resurfaced two blocks of 17th Street. Much needed, as a burst water pipe had washed away much of the pavement earlier this year.

I’m disappointed – and appalled – that contractors or city crews failed to install curb ramps as part of this project.

Transportation professionals know the Americans with Disabilities Act requires agencies to install curb ramps when it resurfaces streets. Regulations and technical assistance issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as legal precedent, confirm that.

Indeed, a 2009 settlement agreement with the Department of Justice required Atlanta to install ramps on all streets that had been resurfaced since 1992, when the ADA first went into effect.

On Monday, I contacted managers at Public Works to inform them of the omission. I doubt this was a one-off problem, so I also asked what processes Public Works uses to inspect resurfacing projects to confirm whether curb ramps have been completed?  Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, if you notice other resurfaced streets that lack curb ramps, please use the website to report them. Be sure to include both the street name and the names of intersecting streets.

We’re eager to track this problem, so please use to post photos and street addresses. Thanks for your help!