Our Team


Sally Flocks, President and CEO

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On my 16th birthday, I flunked my driving exam and learned an important lesson:  pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks.

After moving to Atlanta a decade later, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and told to quit driving. I grew up in California, where drivers stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and police officers ticket those who don’t. Not so here.


In 1996 I decided Atlanta could do better – and I could do something to make that happen. When I founded PEDS, I assumed the problem was dumb drivers. Hence the organization’s name:  Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety.

At a conference a few months later, I learned that educating drivers was just the tip of the iceberg. Bad engineering breeds bad driving. Wide roads encourage speeding. They also make it difficult to cross the street.

As president of PEDS, I spend much of my time promoting pedestrian-friendly solutions. I have a doctorate in history – and the skills I learned in graduate school – research, writing, teaching and public speaking – have served me well as an advocate.

Like others who walk in Atlanta, I’m inspired by the increased respect for pedestrians that we’ve brought to the region — and eager to accomplish more.

Kemberli Sargent, Pedestrian Safety Program Manager

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Growing up on a farm in a largely rurkemberlial area of Texas, every trip had to be made by car. Unsurprisingly, for years after I moved away, walking simply never crossed my mind as a way to move around the city. My move to Ithaca changed that. The city offered incredible walkability and lively streets, and I naturally started walking more, and driving less.

A lifestyle I had never imagined became one that I never want to give up.

I am excited to be living and working in Atlanta. I look forward to continuing the hard work and successes of those before me, working to make walking a natural, intuitive, and safe choice.

Larissa Bradburn, Operations Manager

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When I moved to Atlanta in 1994, I knew I wanlarissated to live in the City. I chose the Morningside/Virginia Highland area for its great location and access. I feel so fortunate to be able to walk to parks, restaurants, schools and even work.

Together with other parents in my neighborhood, I walked my kids to school. I quickly realized the challenges pedestrians in Atlanta face. To take these on, I volunteered to chair Morningside Elementary’s Walk to School Committee. This is how I first got involved with PEDS.

I enjoy working to make metro Atlanta more pedestrian-friendly and look forward to our continued success making the region safe and accessible to all.



Board of Directors


Andrew Hixson

MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Scott Haggard
Vice Chair

Atlanta Regional Commission

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Joven Technology


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Retired, Library/Information Manager
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DEKRA North America
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Georgia State University
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Urban and Environmental Planner
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