50+ Walks Profile: Nothing stops Dorothy from walking


Dorothy is a long time resident of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. “I was born in the Old Fourth Ward back in 1945 on Felton Drive to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams.” Dorothy said. “I attended C.W. Hill Elementary School. I grew up and graduated from Howard High.”IMG_7819


She walks every week with 50+ Walks with others at the City Lights senior center. “I had lived in Bedford Pine Apts for 40 years or more. Then I had a chance to move to City Lights living center for seniors. I love it, and I just enjoy living here.”


“I walk because it gives me a chance to be around other people, communicate, socialize.” It is easy to see why Dorothy loves walking in her neighborhood.IMG_7814 “I like communing with people,” she says, “We are just getting along and going out and having fun, walking and talking about our children and grandchildren. We just have fun hanging out with one another.”


Nothing is going to stop Dorothy from walking. “I’ve been walking around here for so long!,” she says, “I ain’t IMG_7816worried about no improvement, I’m gonna walk anyway.”


On second thought, she could think of few things that need improvement: “Fix the streets, they need to be fixed up to walk on,” she says, “Make a better walking area, more safe walking areas with lighting so we can walk more than just the afternoons.”


Go Dorothy!