PEDS In the News

PEDS attracts media attention to pedestrian safety and walkability issues. Check out these links to print and TV news stories we helped generate or to which we contributed.

03-14-2015 – AJC Article:  Atlanta’s $250 million bond referendum to be decided by a few

01-09-2015 – Georgia Public Radio Broadcast:  Watch your step:  Pedestrian fatalities rise in Georgia

12-30-2014 – Georgia Health News Article:  As pedestrian deaths rise, officials look at what can be done

11-18-2014 – AJC Article:  Take back your streets

10-06-2014 – Saporta Report Article:  Investing in Atlanta’s sidewalks will contribute to our quality of life

07-21-2014 – WSB-TV Video:  Local woman fights to protect homeowners from paying for broken sidewalks

07-04-2014 – CBS News Video:  Atlanta ranks 8th deadliest city for pedestrians

06-26-2014 – Fox 5 News Video:  Drivers caught disobeying rules in APD sting operation

06-26-2014 – Atlanta INtown Article:  Crosswalk enforcement operation set for Beltline

06-24-2014 – AJC Article:  Sidewalk repair policy busted

06-01-2014 – AJC Article:  Bad data hampers pedestrian safety efforts

04-23-2014 – Telemundo Video:  Crosswalk enforcement operation with APD

04-08-2014 – AJC Article:  Pedestrian dangers

03-10-2014 – Saporta Report Article:  PEDS calls for safer pedestrian access to transit, toolkit provided

12-28-2013 – AJC Article:  Pedestrian fatalities continue grisly climb

11-06-2013 – Atlanta INtown Article:  Golden Shoe Awards given to pedestrian-friendly projects

09-20-2013 – 11Alive Video: Crosswalk sting on Peachtree Street

09-19-2013 – CBS Atlanta Video: Have you ever used a pedestrian crosswalk with no lights?

09-19-2013 – Fox 5 News Video: Sting set up to catch motorists failing to yield to pedestrians

08-13-2013 – CBS Atlanta Video: Police issue hefty tickets to school zone speeders

06-05-2013 – Fox 5 News Video: Making big strides for pedestrian safety

04-01-2013 – AJC Readers write:  No turn on red sign protects pedestrians