50+ Walks Profile: Librarians are walkers too.

What does a retired librarianLiz Bibby 3 do for fun? Walk of course!

From librarian to walk leader. “My name is Liz Bibby and I used to manage corporate, academic, and non-profit libraries. I retired a couple of years ago,” Liz recounts. Now, she lives in Buckhead and volunteers with PEDS for the 50+ Walks program. Liz leads two walking groups in Atlanta: Cheshire Bridge senior apartments and Campbell Stone senior apartments.Flower 8-16-16


“Walking in an essential part of my life,” Liz says, “I walk to get places and find it liberating and relaxing, compared to the alternatives.  It’s hard to stay stressed out or angry when you’re walking among the trees and flowers of Atlanta. Plus, it meets my goals for staying healthy, while also reducing my carbon emissions.”


“The 50+ Walks program provides Liz Bibby 2me the opportunity to share my joy of walking with others.  I find people who walk to be an optimistic and lively bunch and make great company!”


What would Liz improve for walkers in Atlanta? “I’m anxious to help improve the infrastructure so there are sidewalks and safe crossings everywhere so that more people will be out walking, meeting their neighbors and exploring their neighborhoods, instead of riding around in their cars.”