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Your support for this initiative is saving lives. With your help, we’ve brought increased public investment in safe crossings at public transit stations and bus stops.

Did you know that over three-fourths of public transit trips begin and end by walking? Yet many transit corridors lack sidewalks and safe ways to cross the street.

People who walk to transit are among the most vulnerable road users in the Atlanta region. Indeed, 22% of pedestrian crashes here occurred within 100 feet of a transit stop. And nearly half occurred within 300 feet of a stop.


…Getting Results

PEDS advocacy campaign for ensuring safe routes to public transit has prompted increased investment in pedestrian safety improvements on transit corridors. Among them:

poster-cropped - Copy• New allocations of nearly $20 million per year in pedestrian safety improvements.
PEDS participates actively in local, regional and state transportation planning. By doing so, we’ve prompted each to make safe crossings on transit corridors a high priority for federal transportation funds.

Safe Routes to Transit toolkits on designing safe pedestrian crossings near bus stops. PEDS created a task force composed of state, regional and local transportation professionals. Together, we developed guidelines for safe crossings on various road types. The City of Atlanta and other jurisdictions are incorporating these into their safety plans and design guidelines. They’re also installing more Hybrid Pedestrian Signals, Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons and median refuge islands.

• Road safety audits targeting transit corridors with a high number of pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries. Our persistent advocacy prompted state and local agencies to work with us to identify pedestrian safety improvements for high-risk areas of Buford Highway, Ponce de Leon, and other high speed, multi-lane roads.

• Partnering with transit-dependent communities to promote safety solutions. We develop posters that show how investments in safe crossings could change current conditions. We follow up by helping people become effective advocates for safety improvements.

PEDS thanks Kaiser-Permanente, the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the Federal Highway Administration and people like you for the support that makes this program possible.

Ninety percent of pedestrian crashes occur when people are crossing the street. Please join us in calling on transportation agencies to provide a safe way to cross the street at every bus stop.