Campaign for Safe Sidewalks

PEDS encourages local, regional and state agencies to build and maintain sidewalks that are accessible to all users. The Campaign for Safe Sidewalks promotes:

 Fix broken sidewalks

The City of Atlanta’s sidewalk program is as busted as the City’s sidewalks. Innovative solutions exist. And with your help, we’ll make them happen here.



Make sidewalks accessible to all users

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires sidewalks to be accessible to all users. At many intersections in metro Atlanta, sidewalks lack curb ramps. And those that do exist are often too steep or have other problems that block access to wheelchair users. Likewise, broken or uneven sidewalks create barriers to people with disabilities.


Car parked on sidewalkStop Sidewalk Parking

Parking on sidewalks endangers pedestrians and damages sidewalks. Flyers that look like parking tickets are a good way to remind drivers that sidewalks are not parking spaces.


Please support the Campaign for Safe Sidewalks.With your help, we’ll prompt government agencies to make the policy and funding decisions needed to address each of these challenges.  Your contributions fuel our efforts to make metro Atlanta a great place to walk.