Campaign for Safe Sidewalks

PEDS encourages local, regional and state agencies to build and maintain sidewalks that are accessible to all users. The Campaign promotes:


Fixing broken sidewalks

Sidewalk maintenance is a basic service fo municipalities and should be funded by all taxpayers, not just adjacent property owners.


Installing sidewalks on transit routes that lack them

People who walk to transit are among the region’s most vulnerable road users. Research shows that 22 percent of pedestrian crashes in the Atlanta region occurred within 100 feet of transit stops. Nearly half occurred within 300 feet of transit stops.


Making sidewalks accessible to all users

The City of Atlanta’s policies and practices on sidewalk and road construction and maintenance discriminate against people with disabilities.


With your help, we’ve made progress on each. Yet many challenges remain. And with your support, our impact on policy and funding decisions will continue growing.

Please support the Campaign for Safe Sidewalks by joining or renewing your membership in PEDS.