Issues – Making a pedestrian-safe metro Atlanta for everyone

Some people walk to work. We work to walk. Pedestrian safety and access require increased public awareness, routine traffic enforcement, and well-designed sidewalks and streets. Learn more about the issues PEDS is addressing. Then jump over to our Get Involved page to get involved.


crosswalk lawRespect Pedestrians

Everyone is a pedestrian. And as such, we have rights and deserve respect. Drivers and pedestrians alike need to know the laws and show courtesy. Together, we’ll build a culture and environment that makes communities in metro Atlanta safe and inviting places to walk.

Safe Routes to Transit

People who walk to transit are among the region’s most vulnerable road users. Research shows that 22 percent of pedestrian crashes in the Atlanta region occurred within 100 feet of transit stops. Nearly half occurred within 300 feet of transit stops.

Campaign for Safe Sidewalks

Sidewalk maintenance is a basic responsibility of government. It should be funded by all taxpayers, not just those who happen to own property next to a sidewalk.

Kill Speed, Save Lives

The Georgia Code sets 30 mph as the maximum speed limit in residential or urban districts. By reducing speed limits on roads currently posted at 35mph, government agencies can untie the hands of the local police.