The City of Atlanta makes sidewalk maintenance the responsibility of adjacent property owners. The policy is unfair to property owners and unpopular with voters. So it’s no surprise that government officials lack the political will to enforce it. As a result, broken sidewalks rarely get repaired and pedestrians encounter tripping hazards and obstacles throughout Atlanta. The 2010 State of the City’s Transportation Infrastructure and Fleet Inventory Report shows a $204 million backlog in needed sidewalk, curb and ADA ramp repairs.   Learn more about this issue.

Public Works officials agree with PEDS that the sidewalk ordinance should be amended.  The problem is money.  The City currently lacks the funding to fix the sidewalks.  The City Council needs to get on board by authorizing a source to fund sidewalk maintenance.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact your Atlanta City Council representatives today and remind them that sidewalks are a public asset which should be maintained with public funds.  Urge them to find the funding necessary to fix Atlanta’s sidewalks.

Ceasar Mitchell, The President of Council
Carla Smith, District 1
Kwanza Hall, District 2
Ivory Lee Young, District 3
Cleta Winslow, District  4
Natalyn M. Archibong, District 5
Alex Wan, District 6
Howard Shook, District 7
Yolanda Adrean, District 8
Felicia Moore, District 9
C.T. Martin, District 10
Keisha Bottoms, District 11
Joyce Sheperd, District 12
Michael Julian Bond, Post 1 at large
Aaron Watson, Post 2 at large
H. Lamar Willis, Post 3 at large