50+ Walks Profile: Deborah & the Dawdlers

What better way to break in the official spring season than a walk? The Tucker 50+ Walking group did just that. Deborah, a dedicated volunteer, helps guide the group each week. She started ‘The Dawdlers’, as they are casually known, and they walk twice a week in different neighborhoods around Tucker. This week, they visited… Read More »

Big win: protected walkways in construction zones

  During the past few years, we’ve engaged Public Works officials and others in walking tours and forums focused on safe pedestrian access in construction zones. We’ve also published e-newsletter articles and guest columns and sent numerous e-mails to government officials. We’re proud to report that Public Works is now requiring developers to install scaffolding… Read More »

Closed sidewalks

Closed sidewalks: The gap between requirements and reality is glaring. Development is booming in Atlanta, which bodes well for people who walk. Nothing encourages walking more than having places worth walking to. Meanwhile, a preventable side effect: People are encountering more and more closed sidewalks in construction zones. It doesn’t have to be this way. Visit… Read More »

Unblock the Walk: A Forum on Taking Back Our Sidewalks

Knowledge is power. Join us to learn about national guidelines for curb ramps, road work signs and access in construction zones. Following a brief presentation by PEDS president & CEO Sally Flocks, we’ll have a lively panel discussion on how you can help take back our sidewalks. Panelists include Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza, Georgia Tech… Read More »

Salute the Walking Superstars!

At our 20 Years Strong party in January, we celebrated two decades of walk-friendly transformation. More and more partners are now on board, far too many to name. We’re especially grateful to four Walking Superstars whose achievements have done so much moving walking from the margins to the mainstream. City of Decatur, for compact, mixed… Read More »

Street trees: What to plant and where

Do you love street trees? But hate what some do to sidewalks? Then this blog is for you. Street trees provide tremendous benefits to people who walk, especially in a region with summers as hot as ours. But if they’re located too close to the sidewalk, they also create problems. If you live in Atlanta,… Read More »

Step by step to safe sidewalks in Atlanta

Set priorities, fund repairs and report on progress In July the City of Atlanta approved an ordinance addressing sidewalk maintenance that takes positive steps forward but falls far short of needs. To bring sufficient funding and transparency, much work remains. Establish sidewalk maintenance priorities The ordinance requires Public Works to implement repairs “upon a prioritized… Read More »

Surveying road conditions on foot

Creating streets for people Picture this: You’ve just gotten off the bus at Boulevard and Morgan and need to get to the park on the other side of the street. You look across Boulevard: four traffic lanes, two on-street parking lanes, 60 feet of crossing distance, and cars travelling over 40 miles per hour. The… Read More »

Walkups through popups

Placemaking. Tactical Urbanism. Popup Projects. Call it what you want, but revitalizing abandoned and underutilized spaces into lively public spaces (quickly and cheaply) is a worldwide movement. New York City embraced a pedestrianized Times Square filled with chairs and tables. San Francisco kick-started the parklet craze, which fueled PARKing Day. Cities and small towns are… Read More »