Walkups through popups

Placemaking. Tactical Urbanism. Popup Projects. Call it what you want, but revitalizing abandoned and underutilized spaces into lively public spaces (quickly and cheaply) is a worldwide movement. New York City embraced a pedestrianized Times Square filled with chairs and tables. San Francisco kick-started the parklet craze, which fueled PARKing Day. Cities and small towns are… Read More »

Slow Down, Save Lives

Much of the risk to pedestrians come from speeding cars. If hit at 20 mph, the risk of death is 5%. If hit at 40 mph, the risk of death is 85%. For our new “Kill Speed/Save Lives” initiative, we’re partnering with Abbadabba’s, neighborhood organizations and police departments to encourage metro Atlanta drivers to slow… Read More »

Don’t miss out: 2 cool walks in May

Join a PEDS’ Walk! May is a terrific time to be outside, and two unique walks are coming soon. Each walk covers a different topic related to walkability in Atlanta. Join people from all walks of life, including neighborhood leaders, government officials and people who just want to have a good time!   King Memorial… Read More »

Safe crossings

Make safe crossings a reality No one should have to run to get across the street. But on Monroe Drive, a popular transit route adjacent to multi-family housing, grocery stores and Piedmont Park, many people have no other choice. On streets like this, safe crossings are vital. Streets have many uses, only one of which is… Read More »

“Building a livable city for all ages requires two words”

“Pedestrians first” – Gil Penalosa, Director, 8-80 Cities Walking together brings us in touch with our community. It also opens our eyes to what is and isn’t being done right. Everybody Walks For many people in the Atlanta region, walking is especially challenging. For older adults, balance problems and slower reaction times are common. And… Read More »

Hey! We’re walkin’ here!

Create safe walkways in construction zones. Construction is booming in Atlanta. Cranes dot the landscape. Increased density bodes well for urban areas,  where new office workers and residents increase vibrancy at street level. But what about during construction? Most developments take more than a year to complete. This makes safe pedestrian access especially important. Closed… Read More »

Intersection Site Visit

Walk a mile in my shoes. I recently walked from the Lindbergh MARTA station to the Tara Theater on Cheshire Bridge. An eye-opening — and frightening experience. If you’ve ever walked on Lindbergh Drive, you know it’s a challenge. Along most of it, sidewalks exist on just one side of the street. Despite that, safe… Read More »

Match MARTA development with Complete Streets

Let’s build Safe Routes to Transit. If you’ve walked to or from a MARTA station, there’s a good chance you felt the walk was unpleasant, at best. Exceptions may include Decatur Station, Midtown Station, and the downtown stations. But in most cases, pedestrian accommodations are an afterthought. Entrances often face parking lots, with high-speed roads… Read More »

Speak up for safe sidewalks

Action Alert: Ask City Council members to fund sidewalk repairs If you’re like me, you’re tired of tripping on broken sidewalks. Good news: Your voice will make a difference.  At yesterday’s Town Hall meeting, Atlanta officials made three things clear about proposed infrastructure bonds: 1)      The amount of funding allocated to sidewalk repairs remains unclear.… Read More »

Walk with us into 2015

As the year comes to a close, I want to thank you and let you know how contributions from people like you are helping make streets in the Atlanta region safer, more enjoyable places to walk. I also want to ask you to make a special year-end donation supporting activities that inspire increased investment in… Read More »