Tragic, but predictable and preventable

Baraka Sentmore, a mother of four, was killed July 11 while standing on a small refuge island at the intersection of Piedmont Road and Morosgo. She worked at the nearby Kroger and was struck while waiting to cross Piedmont to get to work. “Baraka Sentmore will be missed,” Terry Jones wrote. “She was a God-fearing… Read More »

50+ Walks Profile: Frank shows us around the Park

Exploring Tucker Parks with Frank Frank knows a good deal about Tucker and its parks. “I live in the brand new city of Tucker, GA,” Frank says, “and I serve on the Tucker Community Planning Board.” A retired government employee, Frank now trains people with disabilities on computer use. To get out and enjoy the world, he… Read More »

Making Buford Highway a Great Place

Atlanta native and author, Mark Pendergrast, will be in the Atlanta region  May 20 through May 25, 2017 to discuss  “City on the Verge,” his new book about the future of Atlanta. Check out meeting locations and dates, and pick one that works for you.  Pendergrast has it right: For people who walk, communities in the Atlanta region… Read More »

50+ Walks Profile: Nothing stops Dorothy from walking

Dorothy is a long time resident of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. “I was born in the Old Fourth Ward back in 1945 on Felton Drive to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams.” Dorothy said. “I attended C.W. Hill Elementary School. I grew up and graduated from Howard High.”   She walks every week with… Read More »

50+ Walks Profile: Weekend walks in Norcross

Weekend walks are relaxing and exploratory! Jolyn leads two 50+ Walks group in Norcross on the weekend. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, she meets a large group at the park and gives a walking tour around the historic Norcross neighborhoods. Besides being a self employed software trainer, Jolyn helps her community by serving on the… Read More »

Blame the roads, not the victims

Are cell phones responsible for the epidemic of pedestrian fatalities? A recent study by Cambridge Mobile Telematics found that mobile phones were involved in more than half of all crashes. In nearly one-fourth of crashes, the driver was using a phone during the crash or within the minute prior to it. Meanwhile, pedestrian deaths are climbing… Read More »

Make Monroe Drive a Complete Street

Designing streets for people As President of PEDS and as someone for whom walking is my primary transportation mode, I’m thrilled by the opportunities that Renew Atlanta has identified to transform our streets into great places to walk. If our streets are designed for cars and traffic, we get cars and traffic. If our streets… Read More »

50+ Walks Profile: Deborah & the Dawdlers

What better way to break in the official spring season than a walk? The Tucker 50+ Walking group did just that. Deborah, a dedicated volunteer, helps guide the group each week. She started ‘The Dawdlers’, as they are casually known, and they walk twice a week in different neighborhoods around Tucker. This week, they visited… Read More »

Big win: protected walkways in construction zones

  During the past few years, we’ve engaged Public Works officials and others in walking tours and forums focused on safe pedestrian access in construction zones. We’ve also published e-newsletter articles and guest columns and sent numerous e-mails to government officials. We’re proud to report that Public Works is now requiring developers to install scaffolding… Read More »

Closed sidewalks

Closed sidewalks: The gap between requirements and reality is glaring. Development is booming in Atlanta, which bodes well for people who walk. Nothing encourages walking more than having places worth walking to. Meanwhile, a preventable side effect: People are encountering more and more closed sidewalks in construction zones. It doesn’t have to be this way. Visit… Read More »