Parking on sidewalks

Help stop motorists from parking on sidewalks

The Georgia Code makes it illegal for drivers to stop, stand, or park a vehicle on the sidewalk or in the sidewalk area of driveways.

Parking on sidewalks forces pedestrians to walk in the street and denies access to people with disabilities. It also damages sidewalks and curbs.cta-demo

Three good ways to discourage drivers from parking on sidewalks.

  • When you see cars parked on sidewalks, post flyers that look like parking tickets on the windshield. Although the flyers lack teeth, they may cause people to think again when considering using a sidewalk as a parking space.
  • If you know of places where parking on sidewalks is a recurring problem, please contact Park Atlanta at 888-266-1360 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM to let them know.
  • If you know of restaurants or other businesses that use sidewalks for valet parking, please contact the Community Improvement District of business alliance for that area.

Thank you for taking action to stomp out sidewalk parking.