Kill Speed / Save Lives Initiative

How to kill speed and save lives

Much of the threat to pedestrians comes from drImpact of driver speed on risk of pedestrian deathivers’ speed. The faster a motorist drives, the more likely he or she is to be in a crash, and the more likely injuries to a person on foot will be serious, if not fatal.

Abbadabba’s – PEDS Partnership

We’re thrilled that Abbadabba’s, a company that shares our passion for walking, is partnering with us to encourage metro Atlanta drivers to slow down.


Yard signs play a big role in our Kill Speed / Save Lives Initiative. SLOW DOWN signs are  available at all Abbadabba’s shoe stores. You can pick up signs at Abbadabba’s stores in Little Five Points, Buckhead, East Cobb or Kennesaw.

Take Action!

With your help, we can put the brakes on speeding. Representatives of civic organizations and Parent Teacher Associations in metro Atlanta may have up to 25 signs to distribute at neighborhood or PTA meetings. Signs are for use in metro Atlanta and may not be sold.

Avoid placing signs between the sidewalk and the street

Yard signs must be posted on private property. 

Sign located between sidewalk and street - illegal

  • Signs are prohibited on public property, including refuge islands, landscape buffers or parks.
  • In the City of Atlanta signs must be placed at least 6 to 7 feet back from the street.
  • In DeKalb County signs must be placed at least 10 feet back from the street.


Speed enforcement efforts underway

In addition to the yard signs, we have partnered with multiple Atlanta-area Police Departments to focus speed enforcement in areas with high rates of pedestrian crashes. PEDS supports these operations by providing educational flyers and training in pedestrian safety enforcement to the police.