Safer people, safer streets

Safer people, Safer streets

Imagine standing in a two-way left turn lane on a busy seven-lane road waiting for a gap in traffic. For most of us, this may seem like a nightmare.  But for many people who walk in the Atlanta region, this is a frightening reality.Mother pushing stroller while crossing Buford Highway

Pedestrian fatalities continue their grisly climb.

Walking shouldn’t be hazardous to our health.

Yet in 2016, 235 people lost their lives while walking in Georgia. This is tied for the worst since 1975, the earliest year for which records are available.

This is unacceptable, and PEDS is working with the Georgia Department of Transportation and others to change that.

We recently drafted the 5-year Georgia Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, which identifies goals, strategies, action steps and performance measures. We’re awaiting feedback from transportation and public health agencies, as well as professionals from throughout  the state.

Good engineering breeds good driving.

Far too many of our streets have been designed for cars only. Wide roads, speeding traffic and lack of sidewalks and safe crossings make many streets dangerous places to walk.

On their own, crosswalks are not safe on roads with more than 3 lanes and over 12,000 cars a day. Yet removing crosswalks is not a solution.GDOT engineers and PEDS leaders look at plans for safety improvements on Ponce de Leon

Georgia, like most other states, lacks clear policies on where crosswalks should be located and how they should be designed. We’re working with the Georgia Department of Transportation to change that.

GDOT has expanded its safety tool box. The questions we’re now answering: Which to use and where?

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Safe Routes to Transit

People who walk to public transit are among the most vulnerable pedestrians in the Atlanta region. Research by the Atlanta Regional Commission found that over 20 percent of pedestrian crashes in metro Atlanta occur within 100 feet of a transit station or bus stop.

Nearly three-fourths of transit trips in the Atlanta region begin with walking trips. For transit to be successful, people need more than buses. They also need safe routes to bus stops.

Walk Smart. Drive Smart.

Know your rights. Assert them. And take care to avoid being dead right.

Pedestrian Right of WayImage - stop-for-pedestrians

Do you know what the Georgia Code says about pedestriansMany people don’t. Learn more –and spread the word on motorists’ responsibilities to pedestrians.


Kill Speed. Save Lives.

Much of the threat to pedestrians comes from Impact of driver speed on risk of pedestrian deathdrivers speed.

Take Action! Posting yard signs that remind drivers to SLOW DOWN will help put the brakes on speeding.

Signs are available at Abbadabba’s stores in Little Five PointsBuckheadEast Cobb or Kennesaw.