Safe Routes to Transit

People who walk deserve safe crossings

Did you know that people who walk to public transit are among the most vulnerable pedestrians in the Atlanta region? Over 20 percent of pedestrian crashes in metro Atlanta occurred within 100 feet of a transit station or bus stop. And nearly half occurred within 300 feet. This is unacceptable.Safe Routes to Public Transit toolkits

Following crashes, some people blame the victim. Their solution: “cross at crosswalks only.” Easier said than done. On many roads, crosswalks are often over a half mile apart. No one will walk that far just to get across the street. And on many streets, sidewalks exist on just one side of the street.

The Federal Highway Administration calls on transportation professionals to design and install safe and convenient crossings. This is especially important on public transit corridors. On these, there will be pedestrians, they must be able to cross the street, and they must be able to do so safely.

With your support, the Safe Routes to Transit Initiative has made safe crossings at transit stops a local, regional and state priority.

A few examples:

Momentum is strong, but this is just a start. It took billions of dollars and a lot of time to develop a region as auto-centric as ours. And it will take time and money to make the region one where we can cross the street conveniently and safely.

Your continued support will make this happen.

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