You’re making a difference!

When PEDS was founded in 1996, pedestrians were not on Atlanta’s radar screen. Thanks to your support, we’ve become a strong voice for walkers throughout the region and state.

We’ve also provided expertise and encouragement needed to inspire pedestrian-friendly policies.

Changes you’ve inspired in the Atlanta region include:


  1. Workshops and toolkits  that help transportation professionals choose safe and cost-effective crossing treatments
  2. Innovative and effective safety treatments, including high-visibility crosswalks,
    in-street crosswalk signs, hybrid pedestrian beacons, red light cameras,
    median refuge islands and midblock crossings.
  3. Increased funding for sidewalks and crosswalk improvements
  4. Online tools that make it easy for people to report pedestrian hazards
  5. More drivers stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks

By partnering with neighborhood associations and others, we’ve also engaged over 6,000 households in SLOW DOWN yard sign campaigns. And perhaps most important, we provide a voice to people who rarely participate in transportation planning meetings.

We’re on the verge of a walking revolution.

You — every one of you –  help transform metro Atlanta into a region that values walking.