PEDS Achievements

Making metro Atlanta pedestrian-safe

When PEDS was founded in 1996, pedestrians were not on the region’s radar screen. PEDS achievements since then are making metro Atlanta pedestrian safe. We have increased driver compliance with crosswalk laws and prompted transportation agencies to improve street design and allocate more funding to pedestrian facilities so that streets can be shared safely with pedestrians.

Our activities are “institutionalizing” pedestrian safety. Put simply, we are getting local, regional and state agencies to accept pedestrian safety as their responsibility and to adopt policies needed to create a better environment for walking.

Increasing funding for sidewalks and safe crossings


 Reporting pedestrian hazards and promoting better infrastructure maintenance

Broken Sidewalk

Increasing driver compliance with crosswalk laws 


 Promoting safe crossing facilities on multi-lane streetsBuford Hwy crossing at hawk

 Enabling children to walk to school kidswalk

 Curtailing speeding on neighborhood streets