50+ Walks


Walk More. Walk Together. Be Happy.


Why Walking?

The simple act of walking is full of benefits.10-11-16

Walking is a low-intensity activity that almost everyone can do. Walking is fun. It provides opportunities for social interaction. It helps us relax or energize.

Whether you walk around the block or around the world, walking is an easy way to stay healthy in mind and body.


No sidewalks, safe crossings in your neighborhood?

We know challenges are many.

Unfortunately, many of us are discouraged by unpleasant orTop Five duplicate unsafe walking conditions in our communities.

Because people are more vulnerable walking than in a car, going for a walk can feel like a daunting task. Every broken sidewalk, missing curb ramp, or speeding car can make us think twice before heading out of our house on foot.

In spite of these challenges, many people must walk. Many want to walk.

 The good news? The solutions are also many!

At 50+ Walks, we help you tackle the hurdles that stand between your door and the pleasant walk around your neighborhood. 


Left? Right? Where are we going again?

group walk in norcross50+ Walks group leaders find safe, pleasant streets where we can all walk and enjoy our neighborhoods. We go ahead to scout out routes that are safe and fun for everyone.

We mix up the locations and routes to keep it interesting. Have you ever been to that park across town? Come with us… We will give you a reason to visit.




Safety (and FUN!) in Numbers.

Walking together makes us safer because we can all watch out for one another, and as a group we are more visible to people driving. We stick together and no one is left behind.

Walking with other people is also a great way to build community. We combine our walks with trips to the farmers’ market and stop at parks to enjoy a piece of our neighborhoods along the way.

group walk in decaturWild blackberries? Delicious.

Quiet lakeside? Relaxing.

Do we accidentally get in our exercise? We barely noticed.




Join us for a walk!

Come out us for a walk around town! Walks are always free and open to everyone. We would love to have you out or help you start your own group!


We currently have groups in 14 communities.

Meet some of the walkers.

Find a group to join in your neighborhood.

Or, start a new 50+ Walks group!

Contact us at kemberli@peds.org



We’re grateful to Kaiser-Permanente, a big believer in the health benefits of walking, for the support that makes 50+ Walks possible.


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