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One county, 3 days, 3 pedestrians killed

February 28, 2012 at 05:54pm by Sally Flocks ·

In Cobb County, three pedestrians were killed while attempting to cross high speed roads last week. As we learned from following Raquel Nelson’s trial last summer,  Cobb County pedestrians often have to put their lives at risk just to get across the street.

Most roads in Cobb County were built to serve motorists only. The county’s population has changed, with more people who walk or use transit to get around. The roads, however, have not evolved to meet the needs of a changing population.

Traffic volumes on South Marietta Parkway and other roads are high, which prevents pedestrians from finding safe gaps in traffic. Meanwhile, crosswalks are few and far between. In a WSB-TV story about a fatal crash near the Marietta [bus] Transfer Center, reporter Ross Cavitt pointed to signs reading “no pedestrians/use crosswalk.” He then asked: “Where are those crosswalks?”  In one direction, they’re”almost too far away to see.” In the other, detouring to the crosswalk to get across the street would require a walk equivalent to the length of four football fields.

The county plans a billboard and public safety announcement campaign to warn people about risks. Without additional infrastructure, warnings will not solve the problem.

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