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Unsafe Crossings to Bus Stops

April 23, 2010 at 12:23pm by Sally Flocks ·

Many multi-lane roads in metro Atlanta lack safe crossings to bus stops.  Roads like Buford Highway, Memorial Drive, Singleton Road, Roswell Road, Tara Boulevard and others simply lack crosswalks or traffic lights where folks can cross to or from a bus stop.  People have no option but to risk their lives crossing wherever and however they can.  See for yourself.

Recent data from the ARC shows that 48% of all pedestrian crashes in metro Atlanta occur within 300 feet of a bus stop.  One in four pedestrian crashes is within 100 feet of a bus stop.  PEDS is demanding solutions. On April 20 PEDS gathered 29 representatives of transportation agencies to discuss — and experience — the lack of safe crossings to bus stops on multi-lane roads. We had everyone cross Roswell Road to see for themselves how hazardous it can be. Take a look.

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